We pay cash for your hosting accounts!

Do you have hosting accounts that you’d like to sell? We pay above-market rates and provide comprehensive, hands-on service. We’ll take great care of your customers. Everybody wins.

We make it simple

    We bought this URL and launched this site because:

    • We’re looking to do smaller transactions that are not big enough to interest most brokers. So we’re marketing directly to you, the potential seller.
    • We’re looking for value-added accounts — your version of what we call “business class hosting.” These are not the super-cheap $3.95/month accounts, but customers who are paying $15/month or more (sometimes a lot more). These are usually business customers whom you know and talk to (or email) at least a couple of times a year.  
    • We work with small companies in our own community that end up answering for 1 or 2 handfuls of hosting accounts, including email, even though they don’t really want to. These are mostly

      • 1- or 2-person graphic design shops
      • 1- or 2-person media agencies
      • 1- or 2-person web development shops who can’t afford to handle the calls from customers

    • We also work with computer networking or IT companies of all sizes who got into the business early on because their customers asked them to and now they’re stuck with the accounts.
    • We’ve done a few deals in our marketplace and they’ve worked out very well for everyone involved. The sellers are happy, we’re happy as the buyer, and most importantly, the customers are happy. 
    • We know there are many, many more such companies throughout the U.S. and have begun to work with a couple of companies outside our city. We’d like to work with more, maybe yours.

    Our philosophy and what we do well. And why we’re in this business.

    Our company is more than 30 years old. We started well before the internet as a graphic design and marketing firm. We’ve always focused on taking more responsibility, not less. We’re high-touch, high service. 

    We're real people

    Michael Byrd

    Brian Chandler

    Steve Mitchell

    Johannes Behmer

    Stephen Vorwerk

    We don’t do:

    • trouble tickets
    • phone “trees.” One of us will usually answer the phone during business hours.
    • commodity pricing. Customers who insist they can get it cheaper somewhere else are free to do that.

    What we do well is what most businesspeople need online:

    Web dev

    Web development, including custom design and applications

    Online marketing

    Online marketing where we know it works: Google PPC, Maps and organic, Bing/Yahoo PPC, Facebook free and paid work, and a couple of others 

    Review Generation.

    This is a powerful marketing tactic if done correctly. We even have our own software


    Really good web hosting and troubleshooting when it’s needed

    Website protection

    Fixing and preventing website hacks


    Really good email service and support. We use current best practices and platforms, including Google and Microsoft

    Are you a fit as a seller?

    Do call us if:

    • You have Linux accounts only. 
    • You want to get rid of your headaches. They might be perfect for us. We’re set up to give good customer service.
    • We can start small and build trust. We can begin with 1 or 2 accounts. 

    • Your customer needs a little or a lot of website cleanup and upgrading, or even rebuilding. We’re an excellent website development firm. We’d love to do it.
    • Your customer mostly bugs you about their email, not their web hosting. These are good for us also. We’re great at email, including forwarding, groups, mobile phones, etc., all systems, and we already know that email is a bigger support issue with many customers. That’s why we charge for it.

    We’re probably not a fit (but call if you’re not sure) if: 

    • You have Microsoft sites: .asp, .net, .netnuke, etc. 
    • You have ColdFusion accounts. We don’t do those, either.
    • You’re shutting down a server and you need us to move a large volume of accounts in a short time frame. There are ways around this that we can discuss. 
    • You want to sell us your hardware or take over server leases. We can take over your platform as a short-term solution as long as you’re not locked in. 
    • You have customers you don’t know. If your hosting business has been built primarily through a website and automation, it’s probably not for us.
    Proudly located
    in USA

    We also like:

    • Joomla websites. We’ve built and upgraded more than 100 websites on this platform, even though we prefer WordPress now. See Joomlamasters.com
    • E-commerce using WooCommerce, Magento and other platforms, and combining it with AdWords and SEO. It can become a money machine.
    • Creating innovative website functionality, combining existing modules and custom programming
    • Custom website design. We entered the online world building only custom sites even though we used Joomla, WordPress and Drupal as content management systems. 

    If you’ve found yourself on this page and you don’t have accounts to sell but you do want services, please fill out the form or call!

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